Coca-Cola 可口可乐验厂审核内容-强迫劳工/歧视

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Forced Labor

Item noRequirementYes/No/NAComments

2.1Does the factory have a copy of valid laws and regulations on forced labor or understand its requirements? 关于强迫劳动的法律文本

2.2Are all workers present voluntarily at the factory? 员工是否自愿上班

2.3Are workers free to leave after working hours? Is any restriction placed? 

2.4Are workers permitted time-off with doctor’s certificate when sick or for maternity? 

2.5Is any evidence of physical or verbal abuse identified? Whether use of force observed, at least for overtime work? 有无体罚?折骂?

2.6Do all workers sign employment contracts with the factory? Is it unfair or illegal? 是否都有合同。

2.7Is any evidence identified that security guards were used to coerce workers ? 保安员打人吗?有用武力吗?

2.8Are workers not required to lodge deposits or original documents such as ID papers, training certificate, etc.? 有押金?押身份证?

2.9Is any physical method impeding freedom of workers such as surveillance camera, locked exit during working hours or perimeter fences, etc? 工作时有闭路电视等监督吗?

2.10Is any evidence identified on the use of forced labor / prison labor? 

Item noRequirementYes/No/NAComments

5.1Does the factory have a copy of valid laws and regulations on non-discrimination or understand its requirements? 法律文本?

5.2Is any evidence identified on discrimination in employment, promotion, compensation, welfare, dismissal and retirement, etc.? 

5.3Do employment reflect local ethnic/religious breakdown – no domination by one group? 

5.4Does employment records show any evidence of discrimination – patterns of dismissal? 

5.5Do workers have access to and familiarity with procedures for filing complaints about discrimination? 

5.6Is equal salary for equal work for male and female workers implemented at the factory?  

5.7Is there any existence of sexual harassment, especially of young female workers?  

5.8Is any evidence identified on discrimination through interview with workers, individual and collective?