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Notes, for completing the WRIP Spreadsheet:
1)       Whenever practical, data provided should begin with the recent 2 months prior to the last audit by Sears Holdings Corporation, or begin with the recent 6 months if your factory has not been audited by Sears Holdings Corporation. If factory previously did not have a complete working hour’s information, factory should try the best effort to estimate historical working hours based on previous actual factory practice.
Sears Holdings Corporation公司曾经审核过的工厂,其提供的资料,应从上一次审核前两个月开始;若是未经Sears Holdings Corporation审核过的工厂,其提供的资料应从最近六个月开始。 如工厂以往没有完整的工作时间记录, 则按过往实际工作时间估计。
2)      Please carry out a thorough monthly analysis of wages and working hours covering all production workers (including those new, trainee, apprentice and slow workers in different departments) in the factory. In order to demonstrate the actual WRIP implementation process at factory level, factory is required to submit the above thorough monthly analysis of wages and working hours covering all production workers on a monthly basis to Sears Holdings Corporation, either by adopting the attached sample document (Appendix B) or by using factory's own equivalent analysis document with format to our satisfaction.
工厂应全面分析所有生产工人(各部门新进人员,培训人员,学徒工及生手)的工资/工时系统,且用所附表格(附件B)或工厂自己所采用的等同分析表格,对每月的工资/工时原始数据进行分析,并将分析表格按月呈交Sears Holdings Corporation公司。
3)      All data must be true, complete and realistic.
4)      For section Al: please find out or project the highest accumulated working hours (normal+overtime) of a worker in each month.
A1项注释,找出并注明工人每月最高工作时间(正常+ 加班)。
5)       For section A2: please find out or project the lowest rest days of a worker in each month.
6)    For section B 1:please provide the local legal minimum hourly wage for our reference.
7)    For section 132: B2项注释: 
a)        Please provide the actual and the projected guaranteed minimum hourly wage over a continuous period of 12 months. 列出12个月的实际最低小时工资,或者最低之承诺小时工资。
b)      This hourly wage of a worker can be calculated by "Total monthly gross wage (before reasonable deduction)/ Total monthly working hours (normal+overtime hours) in a month. “Reasonable deduction” includes food, dormitory, water and electricity; but all these deduction items must be properly documented and verifiable by auditor.
c)        Please finds out or project the lowest paid one ("the worst case").
d)       The projected guaranteed minimum wage must be in a progressively increasing trend, and a fluctuation of up and down in guaranteed minimum wage is not allowed.
8)       For section B3:on every month basis. Please provide the actual lowest minimum hourly wage paid to worker (not later than the 30th of the next following month feedback to us) so that we together can continuously identify any gap between the actual paid minimum wage and your guaranteed minimum wage to worker.
9)       For section C:
a)        Please provide the local legal overtime wage rate (x 1.5,x 2, x 3) for our reference.
b)       For overtime pay to worker, your guaranteed overtime pay should be equal or above the guaranteed minimum hourly wage as mentioned in above 7b.
a)        法定当地加班小时工资标准,供参考(1.5倍,2.0倍,3.0倍)
b)       工厂承诺支付工人的加班工资必须是达到或者高于7b部分所承诺的最低小时工资