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  Green 绿色 Pass通过 Meets the full requirements of the clause.完全符合要求

  Amber 橙色 Minor轻微不符合 A good functional system, needs slight improvement基本符合要求,需要一些改进

  Amber 橙色 Major严重不符合 Does not meet the requirements of the clause / system not in place. Corrective action is required before producing for Tesco.不符合要求,开始Tesco产品生产前必须要有纠正措施

  E&E part grade社会责任和环保部分验厂结果等级划分:

  Green 绿色 Pass通过 Site appears to meet requirement符合要求

  Amber 橙色 Improvement required 需要改进 Factory does not fully comply and should take action to improve没有完全符合要求,需要改进

  Amber 橙色 Unacceptable 不可接受 Factory does not comply and MUST take action to improve不符合要求,需要改进。