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15. Local minimum wage standard (if any) and/ or Government Labor Law notice (if any)

16. Special appliance certificates such as certificate for elevator, boiler

17. Permits for special appliance operations such as lift operator, electrician, and boiler

18. Canteen or eating facilities hygiene certificate, cook/ kitchen staff health certificates

19. Facility building layout/ evacuation plan

20. Special waivers from local government regarding working hours arrangement (if applicable)

21. Health & Safety program and training records

22. Work-related accidents/ injury records

23. Environmental certificates (if applicable)


24. Any written policy or process that governs company and employee business practices. e.g. business integrity & anti-corruption, fair competition (optional if Business Practice module is applicable in the assessment) and dataprotection (optional if Business Practice module is applicable in the assessment) including (but not limited) to thefollowing:

Job Description (JD) of the assigned responsible managers for the management of Bribery at the facility.

Written ethical/integrity training records

Written bribery policy and what are included. For instance, objective, commitment, definitions of company policy on giving and receiving of gifts, procedure, work instruction, how the policy is externally available.

Procedures for attempted bribery

Procedure on how employees are protected from retaliation.

Internal/ external audit reports regarding ethics/ integrity

Employees declaration on conflict of interests


25. Other documents, subject to actual circumstances during the audit and in that specific regions facility is located.

26. Other Local Specific Documents (if applicable),