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1.Payroll records (Recent 12 months) 
Payroll register with employee signature (if wages paid in cash)
Bank statement corresponding to payroll register (if wages paid by bank deposit)


2. Time card/ Attendance records (Recent 12 months)

3. Production records (tickets/ sheet) (Recent 12 months) (if applicable)

4. Personnel records

5. Young worker registration and health examination (if applicable)

6. Employment/ Labor contracts

7. Agency workers agreement (if any)

8. Foreign employees work permits and approval letter from government (if applicable)

9. Collective bargaining agreements (if any)

10. Employees social Insurance receipt, names list and certificate of social insurance

11. Business Registration/ License

12. Fire safety inspection / certificates and building / construction permits for facility / dormitory buildings

13. Fire drill records


14. Facility regulation or employee handbook, in regard to the following areas:

Recruitment policy

Disciplinary procedure